Keith O’Connell (Piano & Vocals)


Keith O’Connell is a professional piano player and vocalist who specialises in pre-dinner piano music for weddings in Dublin and throughout Ireland.

Keith has a lot of experience playing at weddings and is perfect for adding a touch of class to the occasion! You can go off and have your wedding photos taken with the peace of mind that your guests have some background music to entertain them. He also caters for ceremonies – both church and civil and provides a modern/contemporary service which differs to your usual “church singer”. in a good way!

To book Keith O’Connell as part of one of our all in one wedding packages call us on 0872667233 or send a message using the contact form to the right of this page.



Additional Info (via Keith’s own website)

Option One – Instrumental
Keith will play a setlist of 2 hours comprising of various hits, both new & old. The songs will be played on the hotel’s piano and are not accompanied by any singing.
A lot of people book a singer for pre-dinner muisic and find that the guests cannot enjoy their conversations as it’s just too loud over the mic/speakers! This is never a problem with Keith as the melodies are played on the piano as backround entertainment – and of course, the guests are welcome to sing along if they like!

Option Two – Piano & Singing
Keith will play a full set of well-known songs, including a little something to suit all musical tastes! From classic hits to contemporary chart songs, your guests will enjoy just the right blend of songs to really get them in the mood to celebrate the occasion!

Option Three – Best of both worlds!
Can’t decide between the singing and instrumental options? Why not try the best of both worlds! As your guests arrive, Keith will play instrumental versions of well known songs to set the mood. It gives people a chance to get into the room, maybe get a drink and settle at the venue. This will continue for approximately one hour – half of the set. After which, he will continue with a further hour of playing but this time with the added element of singing to give it that something extra! At this point, the guests will have started to settle at the hotel, drinks in hand, and can now enjoy the music and banter!